On visibility, silence, and vindication

On visibility I've noticed that when you're frustrated it is visible to the people around you. You don't do much of a job to hide your irritation and people inquire on that, as you should expect. Whether or not you're frustrated with them or something unrelated is unimportant—why are you letting a circumstance impact your state? What governance does that have over your will? I would hope it has none, yet it seems to me and anyone else observing you that it does. Perhaps your remedy is to fix whatever is frustrating you, but that is not always in your control. Relinquish control and you should feel peaceful that all you are left with is your own will to control. If you are going to be outward with your grievances, come with a remedy. Voice your opinions with an end, not a complaint. Frustration has no end—avoid it.

On silence Speak way less. I've told you plenty of times and hate to admonish you for it, but little of your speech is useful. More often than not, you speak and are not intentional enough with your words which results in others getting the wrong idea. But let's examine this for a second—are they getting the wrong idea, or are you wrong in your expression? If you have something to say, be intentional and say what you mean. If you don't have the words to properly express yourself, find them first and express later. Even better, don't engage in many of the conversations you fall into. Like a trap, you are lured into disagreement and debate with no end. There is no furthering of truth, only hardening of opinion. Turn inwards more often and seek truth on your own and perhaps you will get somewhere. As of yet, most of your speech has done nothing but hurt you.

On vindication Of your speech toward yourself, how much of it is an attempt at vindication? How often do you desire to explain yourself away rather than face the truth. You seem tempted to defend yourself at every turn—for what? If you are right, you would find solace in the fact you are correct and what you believe works for you. If you are wrong, you would be insane to try and reason otherwise. You should question yourself on this. You are not as self-aware as you believe, nor as you should be.

Diego Segura