On finality, continuations, and discovery

On finality You haven't ended anything in a while. Your projects have not been big, so I can't say you've finished anything big, which is okay. However, today, you're done with a long run of writing that you assigned yourself three months ago with no end date, and it feels great. I expect you to continue to write every day, but this is a lesson in the end. You've decided on a purpose for this specific activity and in doing that you made it all worth it. This is what you and I live for. The end is not bad because it means there's something new coming. I'm not sure which you love more—the end of a project and the feeling of satisfaction of closing your case and leaving it behind, or the thrill of some new project awaiting you on the other side of what you just did. Either way, this is something worth chasing and it pushes you to ship more creative work in the future.

On continuations Though you've finished a long writing assignment (or did I do that for you?), your task of writing is not over. You must still follow through with the work required to make this into a book, and to make it beautiful for your reader. This is only the beginning of another process. Your practice of writing daily will also continue. You may choose a different subject matter or a different style of writing entirely, but you have to continue this practice. We've both seen the positive effects it had on you, not only as a writer but as a person. It might help you to take a look back at your life and examine the things that were good for you and try to continue those things if you stopped. I know you're having trouble getting up early in the morning,  but we saw the positive effects of that and it should be continued. There may be other things you used to do that have fallen away and may be of value.

On discovery Finding new music, learning something new in a book, and traveling are all the same feeling of discovery, and they're (at least to you) awesome experiences. However, in order to find new music, you have to stop playing the same selection of records you've always played. To learn, you have to pick up a new book. To travel, you have to spend money  and get on a plane—or get in your car and drive for a long time. It takes effort. Are you willing to put in the effort to reveal something new about the world?

Diego Segura