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2021-03-12, poems


rich boys
billionaire boys
rich boys whose
fathers are
billionaire boys,
rich girls,
never met them,
rich girls fuck
rich boys in
rich houses,
rich apartments,
nice views,
rich girls buy
new pairs
for rich boys
to have
nice views,
rich husbands and
rich wives make
big times, snort
big lines, switch
my drink and
your drink, drink
more than i
can afford but
i’m not paying,
i don’t drink,
i don’t owe
no debt, little
money feels
like big
money, one
bedroom feels
like mansion,
ants in crown
heights, pants drop
in the
east village,
rich boys don’t
live here,
billionaire boys
don’t live here,
rich boys whose
fathers are
billionaire boys live
elsewhere, do elsethings
but rich girls
fuck here,
rich girls fuck
in one bedrooms,
trying to be
rich wives, thank
god the money
won’t come from
my family.