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2019-09-04, posts

something you should know before you say pop music is trash”

Maybe it’s all formulaic and it’s only meant to sell as many records as possible. Maybe a lot of it sounds the same. Maybe the messages are empty, boring, unproductive. Sure. It might be.

But there’s also plenty of indie,” underground,” unknown” artists that are fucking terrible. Sales, popularity: irrelevant. It’s about what you enjoy.

For a long time, I refused to listen to modern rap” because I was such a 90s hip-hop elitist. I thought I was so much better for knowing about Nas’ Illmatic. (For the record, if you don’t know Illmatic, that should probably change.)

But let’s be honest: DaBaby is fire, Adele is amazing, Billie Eilish is incredible, J. Cole is a genius. (Taylor Swift is utter shit, but not because she’s popular.) Good music is good music.

If the music is good, everything else should be irrelevant.