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Willing to Climb 2022-07-03
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the same in honor and disgrace 2019-08-21
empire state building 2019-08-19
time as a deadline 2019-08-09
“if you write dull shit, it doesn’t matter what you die from” 2019-08-08
how to compare yourself to the greatest people of all time 2019-08-07
a playlist of the greatest people in the world 2019-08-06
sediment 2019-08-02
i read three books in one day 2019-07-07
The Tower and the Bridge 2019-07-06
Encounter 2019-07-05
What were you writing in? 2019-07-04
Early 2019-07-03
A Letter to My Dog Who Doesn’t Know I’m Not Coming Home 2019-07-01
This place can be home, too. 2019-06-27
Umbrella as Accidental Fashion Statement 2019-06-26
Diego Segura’s 39th Brilliant Idea 2019-06-25
The Best City in the World 2019-06-24
Late 2019-06-22
Live first, then write. 2019-06-21
Writing Every Day 2019-06-20
What Ifs (for designers) 2019-06-19
The Artist’s Subconscious 2019-06-18
Creative Check-in 2019-06-17
“I don’t have enough time” is bullshit. 2019-06-16
References 2019-06-15
Exhaustion 2019-06-14
Shadowing 2019-06-10
Don’t quit (at the wrong time) 2019-06-09
The Loneliest City in the World (or one of them) 2019-06-05
Moving Day 2019-06-04
I’m afraid to stop reading a book, and I shouldn’t be. 2019-06-02
If you’re not selling, who do you expect to buy? 2019-05-31
Who cares if you’re an entrepreneur? 2019-05-30
Zero 2019-05-29
Doing the right thing is (often) lonely. 2019-05-28
“Forgetting purifies and I know how to be an amnesiac.” 2019-05-27
You’ll start succeeding when you stop caring 2019-05-26
Instagram Entrepreneurs 2019-05-25
Chess taught me not to keep failing. 2019-05-24
The difference between a good run and a bad run: 2019-05-23
Everything is life or death. 2019-05-19
Museworthy. 2019-05-17
Learn from what’s shitty. 2019-05-16
Time to start creating my own myth. 2019-05-15
Can it be that it was all so simple then? 2019-05-14
Your astrology is no excuse for your bullshit. 2019-05-13
Moving on is always in fashion. 2019-05-12
More smarts, not money. 2019-05-11
Elegance. 2019-05-10
“It was, as they say, the suitcase or the coffin.” 2019-05-09
Overwhelm and Foresight 2019-05-08
Find divinity in silence, cont’d. 2019-05-07
Find divinity in silence. 2019-05-06
Being angry does not mean you’re strong. 2019-05-05
Have the hustle of a crackhead, minus the crack. 2019-05-04
Want to have life your way? Ask. 2019-05-03
Have a plan, even if it changes. 2019-05-02
Where the room isn’t, there’s room for you. 2019-04-30
The difference between a traveler and a tourist. 2019-04-29
Diego Segura’s 115th Spilled Ink Extravaganza 2019-04-28
F*ck debt. In all its shitty forms. 2019-04-27
The Strategy of the Void 2019-04-26
When a pilot fails, people die. When a writer fails, what dies? 2019-04-25
Design doesn’t matter. 2019-04-24
You’re not enough of a poet to call forth life’s riches. 2019-04-23
Childhood vs. Adulthood? 2019-04-22
“I lost. Here’s why.” 2019-04-21