On asking

Though it can make life feel transactional, the best way to get what you want is to ask.

I should add a caveat by saying that you shouldn’t always get what you want. When I tell you not to be hesitant to make a request, I don’t mean to say that you deserve it and asking is a mere tactic to get what you deserve. If you ask and don’t receive, you’re not ready for what you want. Asking for a job is a way to test if you could get the job. If it’s possible, you might get an interview and then get the job. But you’ll never know unless you ask. Even if you are denied, you’ll see you have to go back to work and keep improving yourself until they can’t help but hire you. It all starts with asking and being confident while you do it. Don’t be discouraged at the outcome, either—you’ll be back to ask again.