On bad clients

What makes this one person so worth your time? Those who aim not to work with you but for you to work for them are not worth your time. The unnecessarily demanding are not clients, they are chores.

Recognize this: money comes with a cost. If your goal in work is to convert time into money and money into material well being, then more power to you. Work for any client that comes to your door and accept their money freely—it will lead you to your goals. If your goal in work is to achieve more freedom, however, you won’t do yourself a favor by taking their money and becoming indebted to them. You will lose freedom as they hold their money over your head and make you dance around and jump through hoops for them. All because you felt you needed their money.

This happens when you value money over your freedom. Take a look at the superstars of this world who lose their entire lives because of it. They want fame—for what? They want money—for what? What are these things when the man who has them doesn’t even possess himself? When does he have time to call his own? All this to say, don’t make the mistake of working for negative people when you don’t have to.