On being discouraged

One of the more common reasons for your discouragement is when you’re not sure what you’re working for. This happens when you think you need to (or can) know the long-term purpose of your endeavors.

I think you understand the impossibility of knowing your long-term future, and how that’s unimportant at this moment. But you do have short-term goals, and when those become cloudy, you feel discouraged. In any work, you have to know what the next step is. You’re writing this reflection because you have to write four hundred words today and then, later on, you will post it on your site. From there, you will develop a collection of writing, and this will be part of your writing practice and make you better. It also gives you something to do.

Simple enough. What about the other things that occupy you during the day? You’ve got to know the short-term goals for those, too. You’ll sit down to work on an article because it’s going to help you organize your thoughts, or you want to write it for someone who you think will get value out of it. Something. It can’t be useless. When your work feels unimportant, or you just don’t understand the importance of it, you will give up quickly. You’ll lose right out of the gate. Make sure this is clear at all times.