On boredom

I see how bored you become with certain people, groups, and activities. I get it. You don’t want to be somewhere or with somebody and think you have something better to do. But sometimes you have to do what bores you, and in those moments, you should live in the moment. Living in the moment requires a little more maturity than you have now, but you’ll develop it.

When you spend time with your family, sometimes you get bored and even frustrated by their lack of direction in a social setting. However, in what other context can you be with your parents? Will you go to work with them or start a company with them, just because that would be a far more productive experience? Or, would you never do such a thing because you would be equally annoyed with that as you are with eating dinner with them for more than a couple hours? When it comes down to it, your boredom is your problem. Learn to love the people you have because they won’t be around forever.