On bouncing back

You must be resilient in times of failure. You cannot control the rest of the world, so when something fails” or doesn’t go according to plan, there’s not much to bounce back from. You cope with the fact that you can’t control it. On the other hand, when you fail and there is no one else to blame, you have to bounce back quickly. If you don’t, you’ll fall into a cycle of self-pity that leads you nowhere. If you are able to recover and assess yourself, you can fix these problems, unlike all the other issues you encounter in the world.

Take advantage of this control. Develop a propensity to take command when you realize you’ve done the wrong thing. At that moment, you need a leader. This might come through your own reasoning faculty, but it must also come from a higher form of reason. Your God, that of reason, mercy, grace, abounding forgiveness, and love will save you from your own faults. For how else are you to live?

If you paid attention only to your ability to reason, you would come to the conclusion that you are a failure and a lost cause. That’s not irrational. It’s true. You will never be perfect, you will never be the best, you will never be the man that you know you should be. At this point, your own thinking falls short, and you must turn to your God, who you should’ve turned to long ago. What is this higher form of reason that you can’t access through your mind alone? What does it stand for and how does it change the way you operate? Perhaps it changes nothing but allows you to live in peace with your own imperfections and blunders.

If nothing else, you will have something to take solace in, and that is the insignificance of you and your missteps. The smallness of your existence compared to the rest of the people and the rest of history. Only through recognizing and embracing a higher power can you experience this peace.