On clean breaks

As you enter a new chapter of your life—which already sounds too dramatic for our taste—you will find that now is the end of many relationships, activities, and settings. Much of this, however, does not have to end. You could just as easily maintain the exact same relationships, do the same things, and hang out in the same places as you did before. You know you won’t do those things anymore because beginning a new chapter” is a clean break. A single point in time in which you can mark down as being the end of an old this and the beginning of a new that. Make a choice to break with the past cleanly and swiftly, and reap the rewards of change and development that have long awaited you.*

*When I wrote this, I was referring to making a clean break from my time in school. However, I revisited this topic a few months later after I left a job at a company here in Austin. You can read that article at https://diegosegura.me/blog/break.