On communication

If you are not the type to communicate consistently by default, you have to put in place a system that does fit who you are. I know for a fact that if you put a task on a to-do list, you will get it done. You will even actively seek out this list and keep track of it rather than leave it to the side and neglect it.

Use this as a way to boost what you’re lacking in. If on your to-do list there is a task to communicate with a person, you’ll do it.

You don’t seem to have an innate sense of knowing when to talk and how much information to provide or request, either. You seem to over-delegate to others and then leave it at that. To make delegation work, you need to create an environment where 1) the feedback loop between you and the person helping you is short and 2) they are comfortable asking questions that you then quickly answer. If those two requirements are satisfied, your business communication skills will improve significantly.