On continuations

You’ve finished a lengthy writing assignment. But your writing journey isn’t over just yet.

You still have to follow through with the work required to turn this series into a book, and to make it beautiful for your reader. This is only the beginning of yet another process.

Your practice of daily writing will also continue when you’re finished here. You may choose a different subject matter or a different style of writing entirely, but you have to keep this practice. We’ve both seen the positive effects it’s had on you—not only as a writer, but as a person.

It might help you to look back on your life and examine what was good for you and try to continue those activities if you’ve since stopped them. I know you’re having trouble getting up early in the morning, but we saw the positive effects of that practice, so it should be continued. There may be other things you used to do that have fallen away and may be of value. Dig them up. Start again.