On defaults

I’m pretty sure that I’ve written to you at some point about defaults. What are your current defaults? What should they be instead?

Reading should always be at the top of the list. In the last 24 hours, if you would have spent all of your distracted minutes on reading, you would’ve finished the book you are currently reading. Alas, you didn’t. What about writing? You have another project to work on, and you know how you can make progress on it—why don’t you do that?

You have to be proactive. Set your goals early and stick to them. You’re establishing a rhythm, much like a boxer does at the beginning of the fight. Start with a game plan, get hit, maintain your rationality, and win a battle. If you fail to set the rhythm and stick to it and control the pace of the fight, you will be slowly but surely worn down. The best boxers are so well trained that even in moments where they feel fatigued, they default to an exceptional game plan and style of fighting. This is what you must do in your fight against sloth and distraction.