On defensiveness

You’re wrong about a lot of things. There’s no way around it. Will you react with feigned confidence even though you know you should be different? Or will you put aside your pride and change?

Or…are the changes you need to make so against the grain of your nature that you cannot make them? You’re a little too abrasive, but I could easily argue for you to be harsher because it is more effective. It might help to have some model to look up to. You have these in the form of influences you’ve listened to and heard speak—the ones that make you feel good and inspire you are the ones you wish to emulate. Maybe there’s a more principled figure who is a nearly perfect communicator to model yourself after. It might also be true that your goal isn’t to please everyone, but to be secure in your principle and how that comes out in your speech and actions in general. If this is the case, you’ll have to develop a thick skin against those who will despise the way you communicate. The balance between expressing yourself, even when it hurts, and pleasing everyone without getting things done is a fine line to walk on.