On doubters

Do you expect everyone to be on board with the decisions you make? Does it matter? Of course not. It’s natural to be a skeptic. You have no need to listen to skeptics unless they have insight that will genuinely help you on your path. (In which case, they’re not skeptics, but honest mentors.)

Many people you meet will have little insight to offer you and will try to knock you off your path because it isn’t in tune with their beliefs and views. Don’t waste your time interacting with them. It’s not your job to convince everyone that your vision is worth something. If someone thinks your path is incorrect, they’re right, in a way—your MO is not and will not be the same as theirs, and if they applied your actions to their lives, they would fail. The same follows if you emulated them in your life. Recognize the futility of debate and discussion when there is no right answer other than living a principled life.