On execution

One thing that seems to be working well is your practice of setting goals for your day before you even get started. The system, as I understand it, is that you write your tasks for the next day down on a piece of paper and draw a circle next to them. When you’ve completed a task, you shade in the circle to visually indicate that it’s done. There are a couple reasons this is a good practice:

  1. When you plan out your tasks for the next day before you go to sleep, you’re already thinking about your desired future state as you go to sleep. Your mind gets to chew on the problem for a couple of hours before the next day comes.

  2. It increases accountability. By writing a goal down on paper and being able to see whether you crossed it out or if it remains on the task list, you are holding yourself accountable to an expectation you set for yourself.

  3. Actionable items are small enough to be completed in a day or less. You’re taking much larger tasks that you want to achieve, like planning a podcast, and breaking down the work into smaller chunks. Because of the first two reasons listed above, you’re sure you’ll get these smaller tasks done. Soon enough, you’ll be reaching much more significant goals.