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On expression

You have many thoughts, feelings, and desires, and want to express many of these either through words or actions. Often, you want to tell others what you think or how you feel because you feel as though they need to know and it will make a difference to say it to them.

Refrain. Usually, the expression of your thoughts and feelings makes no difference, and in fact, makes you transparent to the point that you are no longer worth talking to. Don’t be so quick to remove the veil of mystery from what you do and why you do it. That’s not to say that you should lie or deceive, but that you do not need to express every thought in your relations with others.

Over-expressing usually results in the downfall of many relationships. I think it also makes you appear less sure of yourself because you’re expressing thoughts that aren’t fully developed. They aren’t worth showing yet! Quiet yourself. Quiet your mind.