On framing

You have to frame your actions within the purpose you want to fulfill. Rather than complete tasks on a daily basis just to complete them, ask yourself, how did those tasks serve my purpose in life?

This frame makes your day-to-day actions both less significant and more significant at the same time. You might say your current writing practice is important because it’s a big task you take time to complete on a daily basis, but if you correctly frame your actions, you should realize your daily writing is only a tiny part of your reaching your grand vision of helping others and disseminating helpful knowledge and thinking.

Have a passion for chasing because it is the only way you will persevere when the going gets tough, and you no longer enjoy the comforts of praise and affirmation of others for what you do. Without proper framing, you’re painting a nonexistent picture that means nothing, a canvas that you’ll swiftly abandon.