On frustration 2

When you become frustrated, the responsibility falls on you to fix it. You can’t expect others to change their behavior just because you’re frustrated. It’s true, they might have done something that doesn’t sit well with you, but it is your fault to react and become frustrated by it. You can’t control your circumstances, only your reactions.

I know you’ll rebut with, What am I supposed to do, exist at the whims of others and be pleased with everyone’s actions?” But that’s not a valid way to live, either.

You want things to be different. Excellent. Make it so! Find ways to create change that will make you less frustrated. Figure out a remedy. There will be situations that require no fix at all except for in your mind. If you’re frustrated at some new truth and what it means for your actions—for example, a fact that means you should act differently than you do—then your responsibility is to change your actions, not change the truth. In these ways, you must deal with frustration. In frustration, you have no reason. Be sober-minded and assess the situation with a level head.