On genre

What is it that you write? Do you have a term for this genre of writing? Are the Moral Letters a self-help book? Is The 33 Strategies of War a business book? Is The Win Without Pitching Manifesto philosophy?

Genre isn’t important from a reader’s perspective. Different people might classify books as different genres because they mean so much more than what their titles let on.

But is genre important to an author? How can I sell my work if I’m not sure how to categorize the work? Better yet, if I don’t know what it is, how much structure can I give a piece of work to comply with a genre’s standards”?

At its core, writing should be valuable in some way; this is the principle of every significant piece of prose or poetry ever created. Perhaps it’s entertaining, or it’s practical, or it’s profound and inspiring—maybe it teaches you to live a better life, or it teaches you nothing at all and is enjoyable to consume. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter the genre. You can mix and match whatever the hell you want—I give you my blessing—to create something worth reading. Value is your only consideration.