On getting in your own head

Perhaps this is a symptom of you not getting out of your own head, as we talked about a few weeks ago. You seem to be tunneling into your mind on the most trivial of issues as if you were supposed to worry about them at all. Meaningless matters that you concern yourself with, but for what? And why? And you’re being self-centered by being in your own head. You’re failing to acknowledge your insignificance. Though that might be difficult to come to terms with—especially for you—you must work through the struggle of believing it’s a bad thing. No matter what you do, that will be the nature of your situation as a mere human being. Congratulations! This is the position you play. Another body and soul to exist for a handful of decades with slim chances of leaving anything behind. Will you wallow in this fact, feeling bad for yourself, or will you live your life ten times differently and stop focusing on impact” only as it applies to your legacy?