On inability

You’re not as talented as you want to believe you are. You will be in the future, but you’re not now. However, I know you want to be at a certain level of skill and value, and until you reach it, you feel as though you’re not valuable at all.

That’s fair—so long as you act on your yearning. If it pushes you to learn more and immerse yourself in the areas you want to make an impact in, then your standards have done their job. However, the frustration you feel doesn’t seem to be helping right now. Your goal isn’t just to make an impact—even the lowest employee on the totem pole makes a difference; otherwise, they would be fired. Your goal is to make the most impact that you’re capable of, but also to be pleased with the effect you bring.

So far, you haven’t done it. You might not have the ability to right now, but you’re not far off.