On inclusion

In a new group of people, your natural tendency is to introduce yourself to everyone and make friends quickly so that you’re not in an awkward position for too long. To you, it’s a common sense strategy, and it’s hard to make you uncomfortable around strangers.

Good for you. But your guests may not always feel the same way. If you bring someone along with you to a gathering, you have a responsibility to use your skill to connect with people to help them connect with people as well. You have to pick up the slack because you know you can. It’s about making those around you feel more comfortable. Help them feel included. You don’t do a great job of it all the time, perhaps because you’re too distracted with your own interactions to worry about others, or you believe that everyone else should figure it out on your own just like you do. However, that’s a poor argument because we both know you need help in certain situations, and if you didn’t have this help, you might never find solutions to your problems.

Be a leader through servitude.