On learning how to die

Learn how to die. If you can predict one thing in life, it will be your own death. It can be said that the only reason you were born is so you could soon die, for the one thing that life guarantees is not life, but death. Why does this scare you? Why should you live in any sort of anxiety regarding your death? If you spend your life in fear of this inevitable event, then you will fail to live. I think if you’re scared of death, it’s because you’re afraid that you haven’t yet lived. Why is that? You haven’t acknowledged your impending death and thought wrongly that your time is infinite. You thought that a couple minutes here and a couple minutes there aren’t significant and can be wasted away. How quickly those minutes become valuable in your final hours! The cure is to live, but first, to learn how to die.

Live a life in which you can die in peace at any given moment, even right now. A good life is not judged quantitatively. No amount of money can provide you with solace in the afterlife. Only a good life lived with good morals and great foundations in philosophy will give you this peace. Indeed, your ability to handle your own death with equanimity will be the measure of that peace.