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On lifestyle

There are two main ways you can look at and attempt to plan your career and life. For one, you could see the work itself and try to guess what sort of work you find particularly appealing (and will continue to find appealing in the future). This means that work will never feel like work and you’ll enjoy waking up early and staying up late to do the job. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you could think about your lifestyle. What sort of life do you want to live, and how much does that cost? What kind of money do you have to make to make that happen?

The happy medium is in between these two perspectives. Those who only pay attention to what work they want to do often forget about their other needs and ambitions. Work is only eight hours of their day, after all. Similarly, some are too focused on lifestyle and believe they need more than they do. By living simply, you can enable yourself to live a more exciting and varied lifestyle while still doing the things you love. Take both of these into account as you begin your career and have to answer these questions.*

*This might all be terrible advice for you. It might even be terrible advice for me. I’ve read over this many times since I wrote it and I’m not sure whether I like it or not.