On mission

Whatever your mission is, focus on it with everything you’ve got. In fact, utilize one of the strategies of war* and make it your only escape route. This gauntlet must be overcome first to move on. Those with a lot to lose avoid risk, while those with nothing to lose have the audacity to match their ambition. In your position, you risk only comfort, so I advise you to put yourself in uncomfortable situations that force you to adapt and change. Push yourself to do things before you’re ready. If you’re not sure whether you can complete a project, push yourself to do it anyway.

If you don’t dive into the deep end, you’ll never dive in at all. Perhaps at one point you should move to a new city and risk all security to gain a unique experience and see what creative ways of surviving, making money, and living you come up with.

The one thing you must believe is that you’ll survive. You will not fail, so long as you stay focused on the mission and only the step in front of you.

*See Robert Greene’s The 33 Strategies of War, chapter 4: Create a sense of urgency and desparation: The death-ground strategy”