On monetizing

There are plenty of ways to monetize the work you can do, but only a few of those are correct. For one, you could take on freelance work as a writer. You seem to enjoy it, though it’s a matter of spending more hours in the day on the work itself rather than living. If this is what you consider life, then by all means, you should find more ways to write. Perhaps it is now, but it won’t be forever. In the future, maybe you’ll monetize your abilities by working at a company in a more senior leadership position and leading teams of people—but don’t let this get to your head. You are young, inexperienced, and prone to overestimate your own abilities. Jump in early if you can, but do not expose your ambition to force other people to kill it. Work hard in doing the work itself, not in pursuing the future work. The problem with you is that you are in-between two extremes.