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On monumental changes

You’ve experience monumental change just a couple of times in your life. Once when you first met owners of a design agency and realized employers were willing to take a chance on you as a young employee. This catapulted you onto the path that you’re on today and opened up your possibilities. Again when you decided to leave school early and pursue a career.

These were two small turning points in your life. You seem to think that there has been a monumental change in your life in the last few days, though remember that you only have a feeling that this is true. Don’t create the narrative before the narrative presents itself as real. Don’t allow your expectations to lead you down a path that you hope becomes true later on.

Whether or not the last couple of days will change your life has yet to be seen. Your job is not to prophesy these moments but to live them. Your responsibility lies not in making these things happen but in making sure that your end of the deal is held up. Remain steadfast in your faith that the changes which face you are for the better and act accordingly. Do your job.