On monuments

Though they’re mostly an illusion, monumental moments can be instrumental in changing your life and the lives of others. They’re an illusion because nothing changes about a person just because a milestone day passes. Their IQ doesn’t increase, their situation does not change, there might not even be more opportunity than there was before. However, there might be a new mindset.

At the beginning of a new year, people’s minds seem to change about themselves, and they use the monumental turning of the calendar to make it official. There’s an external signal that coincides with the internal change and makes it more real. That being said, New Year’s resolutions don’t often hold up not because of the monument not being sufficient, but because the mindset never changed.

For your own purposes, you have to be able to create your own monuments. At any given moment, be able to return to your reason and decide your mind has changed. Your brain turned from hopeless emotion to reason. Your impulse changed from indulgent to frugal. From loud to reticent. From ostentatious to humble. Don’t change these monumental moments with excitement, either. The excitement wears off, and if that’s why you changed, then it will never last. Know that there are beginnings and there are ends. Any moment, if your mind desires, can be the end of an old mindset that didn’t live up to your standards.