On next steps

You’ve come to a time, for the first time in weeks, when everything seems to be done. The few projects and tasks you set out for yourself are completed.

What next?

Don’t look to fill your schedule back up. Rather, seek to make progress on your larger goal. In recent weeks, this has become more apparent, luckily. You want to live a different lifestyle and must find ways to get there. What skills must you develop? What will make you happier and freer, rather than busier and more restricted? Follow in the footsteps of freedom, not the path of the vain who chased glory to no end.

I’ll have to remind you that half of your ambition is wrong. It comes from other people and not your own motivation to do well. That’s not to say you shouldn’t follow it at all. It may well be right. If it isn’t for the right reasons, however, take time to reassess your purpose and end goal. That will keep you putting one foot in front of the other toward a real vision for the future.