On perfectionism

In recent years, you’ve veered sharply from your perfectionism. There might be some adverse effects of this—perhaps you’ve done some work that was less impressive than you wanted it to be—but the ability to do away with perfectionism is an advantage. You might have released projects you were less proud of, but at least you published them.

Creativity is not about making perfect content, but about shipping the work. This is not to say you should release everything you create into the world. Sometimes, you create something that sucks. But if it was created to the best of your ability at a given time, release it. Ship it. You’ll have time to create more things later.

Perfectionism can very quickly turn into procrastination. Your first draft will not be perfect. If you let that bother you, you’ll sit around and wait until…nothing. This is no way to create! This is only a way to die among stacks of your own unfinished creations—and many not yet started.