On protection

You don’t wake up every morning fully protected from all afflictions, whether they be physical or mental. You have to prepare yourself every day for the various forms of resistance you’ll face, or else you’ll fall to them and fail to live your life to the fullest.

Have you not seen yourself fall to distraction for hours on end, which all started with the tiniest lapses of attention? Have you not experienced a small misjudgment turn into a massive blunder? In these moments, you had not protected yourself. Instead, you woke up and decided upon nothing. You made no decision to do great work or be focused on a goal. You acted according to your desires and diversions.

And what has this body done for you to earn the respect of your will?

Your will must overpower your propensity to be indulgent and slothful. Indulging in your sleep or your rest is only pleasing until the day comes demanding its share of your life. When your own guilt at having done nothing overcomes you, how can you at that point call yourself free? Protect yourself at all times from these attacks on your freedom.