On punctuality

I’m surprised you were able to meet your deadline! Considering the fact you set the deadline for yourself and saw it come up on your calendar days in advance, why did you ever need to procrastinate? Nobody else was imposing their will upon you to write for this Sunday, yet you could not get yourself to do it. Where did your non-belief in writer’s block go? Surely, you don’t believe that now there is such a thing. In fact, this should only solidify your credence in being able to create ideas on demand. After all, with hours to spare, you created a small piece of writing deemed acceptable to be shown to many people. Suffice this to say, you didn’t have to rush yourself or worry about the deadline. You chose to. Just like there is no such thing as writer’s block, there is not a mystical force called procrastination preventing you from doing your work. There is only you and your work. Waiting to be done.