On purpose-driven tasks

The tasks you assign yourself are incredibly easy to complete when you have a clear sense of purpose in doing them. When you can explain to me the rationale for your action, nothing stops you from doing it. All else falls away because your purpose is far more critical than any other task alone.

The reversal of this is when you have functions that are not purpose-driven—here, a problem arises. You’re not clear on why you need to do something, so you fail to do it at all. You can call any task a learning experience, but that’s not sufficient to justify the entirety of it. What are you improving for? What are you learning for?

If you could see your vision with a bit more clarity, you’d find that today’s tasks are important after all, even if they are mundane. Use this longer-term vision to keep yourself on track to do the things that would otherwise be meaningless. Remember—these could be your last 24 hours. Don’t let them go to waste.