On rejection

Your ability to take rejection must continue to improve. What good is it to be accepted and loved by a world that will die as soon as you will? Therefore, what harm is done to the man who is rejected by other mortal men? Do only what you know to be right and necessary to fulfill that right. Become more attuned to what is right and reasonable according to your governing power. When you act accordingly, you cannot be rejected by anyone because you’ve already consulted the Highest.

Take the same approach in your work. You cannot allow yourself to become discouraged when others don’t enjoy your work.

Your job is simple: do the best work possible at that given moment. Be aware of when your work is excellent and when it is terrible, and you will be able to fix it. When you put the work out there for others to see, don’t perceive rejection as negative, but as a tool. It is a mere mechanism by which you can sharpen your skills. It is not an attack—despite the fact that it may break down your ability to reason due to your emotional response. But what purpose does that emotional response serve? None.