On role

Sometimes, your role is to facilitate conversation and make others comfortable. Today, you were in a discussion with a group of people you don’t exactly identify with. Yet, with your ability to connect and facilitate, you united the group. This is the role of a leader. This group needed leading, unlike every other group in the room. The discussion might have fallen flat because you so happened to be with a group of mostly shy young people. Why are you disappointed that you’re not with the more lively and social groups?

That’s pure vanity. You would love to impress the other social creatures like yourself by being equally skilled. For who? For you. That’s not your role, and you have to get over the fact that everything is not about you. In this group, you had a part. You were meant to be the leader in the discussion and bring all of these people together. Embrace that. You were so distracted by looking at others and envying their position that you failed to do as good of a job as a leader as you should have. This is the definition of ignoring your reason. That’s a problem. Know your role, not your desire.