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On saying more

I’ve written you a handful of notes about being reticent and speaking less. I’ve told you multiple times how wise it would be to stop talking so much. I’m not retreating from those pieces of advice when I tell you that I want you to say more in the future.

Saying more doesn’t mean speaking. In fact, both the goal of shutting up and delivering a message go hand in hand. You should aim to talk less and say more each and every day. For example, don’t tell people why a specific solution is correct, show them. Don’t say a word—demonstrate. That will be powerful, and they won’t feel coerced by your words of persuasion.

Saying more is about being more intentional with your actions and making sure they speak when they need to. If you’re able to restrict your speech to the end of a meeting only when everyone else has spoken, the group will wait to hear what you have to say (given that they can see you have something to say). Yielding to others says just as much (and more) as loudly challenging them. Speak less, say more.