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On self-correction

This journaling practice is one mechanism to make yourself a better person. It is a system that relies on you to journal consistently, but also to have direction—to have values that are challenged in your daily life, so that you can analyze your decisions against the backdrop of those values. It’s essential in this practice to have a set of values that you’re trying to strive for.

Maybe this month you want to become more equanimous and steady. Your journaling practice should always address how you lived or didn’t live out that value. If you didn’t, your writing will focus on what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what you should do for next time. This is a mechanism by which to self-correct, and though there will always be things to correct, it is super beneficial for you to practice mindfulness in observing your own faults. They undoubtedly exist, and the most important part is to be aware of them, even if for now your awareness comes nearly a day after the incident itself. With enough practice, you will be able to change your behavior in the moment.