On skeptics

It’s not uncommon to speak to people who will question you and your motivation, especially since you are young, entering a world of businesspeople who often don’t identify with you.

Two remedies for this: you can wait to find people who are willing to talk to you because they will be worth more than all of the skeptics who will find any excuse to dismiss you. Or, you provide the skeptics with context and turn them into believers. Though I cannot tell you exactly how you are to perform the latter, I’m of the conviction that it is a viable path. If you can change the minds of many (though not all), the remaining skeptics will be few.*

*I don’t agree with this anymore. This only applies if you’re concerned with turning people into believers, which isn’t a great goal. Even Jesus wasn’t focused on making everyone a believer, so it would be foolish to aim for such recognition. Skeptics should be embraced. Stay focused on the work.