On target

Who are you aiming to help with your efforts today, and who did you seek to help with your efforts yesterday? This question should always be on your mind. That’s all that matters, after all. If you go too many days unable to answer this question, you have a severe problem on your hands. That means you’re entirely focused on your own self-interest and are failing to meet the needs of people around you. Never forget that others are the source of any power, wealth, or wellbeing that you will ever enjoy. A client pays the bills, a good boss keeps you in your job, your friends maintain your sanity. You rely on other people, so don’t forget: they are the targets of your efforts, and always should be. Make them happy, and not only will you become happier, but they will reciprocate in more ways than you can currently imagine.*

*This entire bit has dangerous implications because of how quickly you can live for other men and not for what is right. See Colossians 3:23. Taking this advice to the extreme would be to lie and kiss ass so that the people around you are happy, even if they need to hear an uncomfortable truth.