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On the purpose of books

After reading Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life, what will you change? What will you cease to do? What will you become mindful of? It’s simple to speed through a book and ingest the information inside, but that’s not why you read. You turn knowledge (from the book) into action (in your life). You read to improve. If you do not live the philosophy, then you have no business reading any more of it. That would mean you haven’t learned nearly enough from the philosophy itself.

So, what? You’ve finished another old philosophy book that most people don’t recognize and won’t understand. You don’t read to show anyone else the book and proclaim to them, with complicated language, that you (of all people) have read such a masterpiece. That’s vanity if I’ve ever seen it! Of course, that isn’t what you’re doing either, but to stay away from such pride, I advise you to run in the complete opposite direction. Focus on application.