On the value of ideas

Your mind is loud with thoughts. What should I eat for lunch? How should I write this article? Why am I not focused on this?

Thoughts are all ideas. We seem to value creative” ideas more than passing or obligatory thoughts. That’s why we give them the label ideas,” as though they’re special.

Here’s the problem: when you start to value your ideas so highly, you lose focus. You start thinking about ninety-nine different blog posts that you’d like to write. Instead of trying to tackle all of them, just choose one and focus on it. After executing that one idea, zoom back out to take a look at the rest of them. Choose one, focus again, and complete it. You have to be able to act as if all ninety-eight of your other ideas don’t exist for the time being. It’s not that you’re saying they aren’t important, but none of these ideas are helpful if you never execute them. Make them worthwhile by taking action.