On the vanity of yes”

Saying yes or even hesitating to say no to people is pure vanity. You’re not a nice person because you answer yes to everyone, you’re just vain. You want them to like you, and that’s why you refuse to deny them. So, what? It’s difficult to tell people you have to go because you only have 24 hours in a day, and they aren’t the number one priority for most of it. It has to be done! The people and opportunities you say no to aren’t bad, but they’re not where you should be spending your time in a given moment.

Don’t become so vain as to bend at the whims of everyone around you. Please your God and yourself, in that order. If a person isn’t a part of that plan, then say no. Say it respectfully and allow them their dignity, but say no. You’re not doing yourself any favors otherwise.