On writer’s block

You’ve discovered that there is no such thing as writer’s block. You know that at any given moment, so long as your mind is functioning and you are alive, you can put thoughts down on a piece of paper. They may be as circular as your mind’s inner dialogue, but you can always chisel to the core of an idea, developing as you go.

What, then, is the challenge you face now? It is not a matter of writing but a matter of thinking about the purpose of your work. You’re having trouble deciding what sort of change you want to make in someone’s life with your writing.

Some of your words, as they stand, serve no purpose. But are you here only to inform? Never should a piece stop at being informative—it should lead to better conduct, more awareness, or contemplation on the part of another. Words influence behavior. Actions, the thoughts that become manifest in the real world, are evidence of effective writing. If you can help somebody be happier, change a habit, or try something new, you’ve incited them to action.

Ask yourself, what action do I want to inspire in the people reading this?” Use this as a guiding question, and you will be sure to make more of an impact.