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2019-06-24, posts

The Best City in the World

I walked out of the office today having made a new friend at work. Paul and I are very similar; we both read, write, and hustle. Paul is a few years older than me, and he’s at an awesome place. I hope that in a few years, I can be at a similar place in my field.

We shared book recommendations, our love for Notion (not sponsored, but I should be), and a brief talk about photography. He’s got a Leica camera which is an absolute dream. I’ve got a little starter camera, but it works and I have fun with it. Paul seems to be a student of the world. That’s why he’s been learning about photography—it’s another way for him to flex the creative muscle.

It was a great talk. I wish I met more people like Paul. Rare. But in this city, and particularly where I work, they seem to be abundant. We stepped out of the building to perfect weather and a big ray of sunshine and an accompanying shadow on the buildings across the street. I held my hands out by my side as if to bask in the glory of life. This is the best city in the world.

At least for today, that is.