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A Warning

This is a collection of essays on school, self-education, and living an unconventional life. This isn’t a step by step guide on how to become a billionaire. This collection of writings is meant to inspire you to drop out” (while still graduating—keep reading, it’ll all make sense) and pursue a real education. It should provide you with a framework on which to build and create your own path to success. It’s up to you to use the content to your advantage. It’s up to you to change a life. Yours.

The advice and positions throughout this book are and should be controversial. Parents may say it’s a bad influence, educators may say it’s wrong, and college graduates may say it’s simply dumb. Fair enough, I say. Fair enough. Ban this book. Put it on a list of things that high school students can’t read. Make my day.

Luckily, this book isn’t for those who already want to dismiss the entire book by the first dozen pages. It’s for those who picked up this book and with genuine curiosity asked, What’s this all about?” That’s who this is for, and I hope I answer your question and keep you interested while I do it.

This isn’t for you, stubborn teacher that thinks that school is perfect the way it is. This isn’t for you, tiger mom who thinks your kid is only as valuable as the grades he/she brings home. This isn’t for you, principal who thinks you’re doing kids a favor by making them into increasingly compliant individuals. This isn’t for you.

This is for dropouts.