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The Best Four Years

One argument that I often hear in support of going to college is that it will be the best four years of my entire life.”

Wait, what? The best four years of my entire life? You mean to say that after 22 I will simply resign myself to the fact that the best years are over and the rest of my life is just dedicated to slaving away at my 9 to 5 job?

The most depressing part of this is that the people who say this have oftentimes done exactly that. Not that they couldn’t live extraordinarily exciting and fulfilling lives after graduating, but they haven’t. And misery loves company.

Bottom line, just like you don’t need college to get educated, you also don’t need college to have fun. You can still go hang out around a bunch of goofy college students who do nothing but party while you work and actually learn, and you can have your fun, if that’s so important to you.

The bigger picture is that there should be no best four years. By identifying our purpose and giving the gifts that we have to the people around us, we should aspire to live fulfilling lives each and every day, whether we pursue college, entrepreneurship, mission work, or all of the above!