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The Woman in Prospect Park Answers

on saturdays?
i’m usually at fabrizio’s place.”

that’s all i heard of her phone conversation.

that’s all i wrote down.

she was wearing
black leggings
a grey headband
dark purple athletic shirt
nike shoes
and her nails were painted

her hair was a very light blonde,
the sort of very light, platinum blonde
which makes you think:

am i really attracted to blonde women?

fabrizio is,
on saturday nights, and
she can’t pronounce his name.


i hope he’s a tall, dark handsome man
from a far away land, making america
more of a melting pot, one white woman
at a time.

i hope he doesn’t care that
she can’t pronounce his name.

i still can’t exactly pronounce
lelyah petrosian
and she still doesn’t
speak english.