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2019-09-03, posts

this is why you should be excited about robots stealing your job

Chase Bank recently signed a contract with Persado, a software company that engineers an AI copywriter.

The AI wrote a line of copy that appeared on the Chase website and performed significantly better than any lines the humans wrote. Persado has a database of over a million words along with data on how certain words make people feel. It’s incredible technology, and it works.

So, what happens to all the copywriters?

If some similar software starts automating graphic design, what happens to all the designers?

I’m not sure, but I can tell you who won’t lose: the people who developed Persado.

It’s happened many times throughout history. The railroad took jobs from horses. The outsourced laborer took jobs from Detroit. The computer took jobs from operators.

While some see that as scary, others see their next company, or their next job.

It doesn’t matter what new technology is sweeping the world by storm. It matters whether we find something above and beyond to do. Now’s a great time to look for that thing—or tag along with the companies and individuals who are doing it.